Thursday, January 14, 2010

This One Certainly Is Exhuberant

The plaids have been cut up and sewn, with not too much left over. Here are 45 8-1/2-inch blocks (for 5 columns of 9), plus an extra 3 (which I accidentally made because I'm bad at counting), and a stack of 3-inch strips for sashing:

This will make a fairly small quilt, about 55" by 72".

Here's a sample layout.

Wow. Pretty intense. Good thing the sashing is calming. I like the orange and the opposing zig-zags. The rest, breaks some rules. I can't help but be fond of it just on that account. Maybe it has both too much and not enough contrast. Or maybe the contrast could be better arranged?

Hmm. I'm considering adding a very narrow, very dark strip between all or most of the light strips (I have plenty of the two dark fabrics), and cutting down all or most of the big dark strips. It's at least worth some experimenting.


beth said...

love the plaids! this will be a great quilt!

Busy As Can Be said...

I love it! you are doing a great job ...keep going!

Marit said...

Love your layout! It will be a fun quilt. And the darker blue adds a lot of interest, too.