Monday, June 30, 2008

On the Road Back to Normal

The rough patch I mentioned in my last post turned into a crisis. The past two weeks were filled with dealing with my parents (80 and 82, both with mild to moderate dementia, and no longer able to live on their own), finding and settling them into an assisted living facility near me (against their completely unrealistic wishes), and getting guardianship over both of them (because there simply was no other acceptable alternative). Trust me when I say I'm leaving out myriad details ranging from unpleasant to very painful.

If there is any lesson here, it's that everyone (including me!) should put together a will and durable power of attorney for finances and for health care. Do it now! And then discuss with your children or other relatives realistic alternatives for your living accommodations and care should you become incapacitated. It will save you and your loved ones from most of what we went through, and will save you money, too (guardianship proceedings in Wisconsin cost at least $2500 per person).  

Anyway, now I'm working long hours to make up for lots of lost work time, and I haven't touched a needle for the last week and a half, or even read my favorite blogs. The good news is that the past few days, since the family stuff has begun to calm down, I've been thinking about quilts again---my red linen fabrics and my cotton twills, getting more hand quilting done, and wondering what everyone has been up to lately. 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quilt Therapy

I've been going through a rough patch lately. There's the omnipresent work, of course, but also problems involving my elderly parents---lots of difficult situations and decisions, and a mountain of paperwork. My creativity is very low, but the need for soothing diversions high. I'm very glad I have the linen quilt in the frame. I seldom have much free time, but when I do, the contained and easily controlled world of a rocking needle and (semi)neat stitches is just what I need.

I've introduced a little variety by building fans from both sides. And yes, I'm still stitching lefthanded. In fact, I'm better at it now than I am at using my right hand, at least when I'm using the quilting spoon. It took a while to get the hang of the spoon, but it's working very well, and I really like the relaxed feeling of knowing I'll never get stabbed.