Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Experiment

The spiral project is coming along nicely, although slowly, but I got distracted by this:

I've been collecting madras-type plaids--shirts, dresses, etc.--that I thought would go well with some similar yardage I've had for many years. All together, they've finally reached critical mass--enough to make a bed-sized quilt with a fair amount of variety.

The colors fall into two main groups--the citrus and the turquoise/pink--showing their respective vintages. Interestingly, they both include the same lavender and other purples.

My plan was to come up with an easy to stitch free-style design. Lately, I've been very taken with strip-pieced blocks made into strippy-type quilts. And I liked the idea of having the bright orange provide a focus for each block. So, I settled on 8-inch squares, pieced so that the orange diagonals make a bold zig-zag line. I'll use the subdued green/blue plaid for vertical sashing strips.

The pieced fabric looks pretty wild:
After trimming, the blocks look marginally more civilized:

Can hardly wait to see how it looks when it's done!


Marit said...

Lovely colors together! I like your approach, and can relate to the critical mass concept. I have a few ones who are not there yet...

I like your mix of order and randomness / wonkiness. This is looking very promising ; )
I have 2 lap quilts made like this (straight even strings) sewn on muslin foundation. Next time I might be bold and skip the extra layer?

Thank you for the inspiration!

Cathy said...

Hey Meg, You are a gal after my own heart!!! I don't buy fabric either unless it is a muslin or something like that. Even my backs of quilts I piece. I use mainly fabric given/donated to me, so I use what I have, and try to be creative with that. I even take thread and batting, ect. It is a wonderful and free way to think when starting to sew something. I just look and see what I have and somehow it always works!!! I love your plaid squares and the way you have a middle fabric that carries your theme. Great work! I have only looked at todays blog, so I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your blogs.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

oooh, love those fabrics and the fun blocks. please be saving those scraps! I hope you are. if not, if it's bigger an an inch and you're going to throw it away, pls send to me (or someone else).

Victoria said...

This looks great! I really like the colors and the lines from the plaid, along with the piecing, gives off a great energy and movement!

(P.S. I did not see an email address to contact you directly, but have answered your questions about my quilting in the comment section of my blog. xo Vic)