Saturday, August 7, 2010

Linen Strips

My 7-year-old grandson saw these and said, "Whoa! That's different." Yup.

These aren't bad photos, but the colors are subdued a bit and the yellow and green are a bit washed out. In real life they really sizzle. I'm particularly fond of the hot pink and red-orange.

It's fun putting together unstraight edges. No rotary cutters used here! I chop away with large shears and, when possible, use the natural uneven edges of the scraps. I take some care to match up a concave curve with a convex curve, and also put wedges in so that the panels don't curve too much, but I try not to overthink things.

I can't believe how fast this top is going together. The plan is for roughly 45 to 50 inches high and wide, and I'm already at about 45 by 35.


Brenda said...

lovely and great colours. It's different, but in a wonderful way!

Sujata Shah said...

Your pieces are looking gorgeous. I just did a quilt without rotary cutter. Fun isn't it?
Looking forward to your progress on this quilt.

Marit said...


Tonya R said...

it's wonderful! I love how your process. I can find great deals on linen shirts. need any lime green?

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Love the colors! this will be a beauty!