Friday, March 21, 2008

A Favorite Quilt

I've been very busy with work lately, so sewing of any sort has been minimal for the past several days. Since I don't have anything blog-worthy to show among my current projects, I thought I'd post one of my favorite older quilts. You can also see a tiny bit of this quilt in my blog header.

This was my first try at using exclusively thrifted fabrics for a quilt top. It's made of men's wool suits and silk ties, with cotton batting and a plain white cotton backing (both purchased new). 

The silks are not fused, so some were pretty slithery. A few ties had to be tossed because they were too fragile. And of course I had to deal with huge differences in thickness, even though I stuck with the thinner wools. Seam allowances varied, blocks were slightly skewed, and my mantra throughout was "It's okay, it's okay." It HAD to be okay---there was really no other alternative. Going with the log cabin (courthouse steps) construction was a good choice---it really made the accuracy issue less important. 

The color placement has three separate aspects: light (the "smaller" diamonds) and dark ("larger" diamonds), blue/gray stripes alternating with tan/brown stripes, and what I hoped was a pleasing balance of individual brights. The machine quilting is simply in the ditch. 

You may notice that there's no binding visible on the front. I couldn't easily make a good-looking binding from the wools. I was tempted to do an envelope finish, but there was no way it would come out flat and neat. So, I did a facing of pieced wools, after the quilting was done. It's kind of bulky, and if I do this sort of thing again, I think I'll use backing fabric instead.

Well, I'm just about done with the second batch of the editing project I'm working on. When I finish, later this afternoon, I'm taking some time off! I'm very much looking forward to quality time with my fabrics. Like Kathie at Threadlines, I'm stocked up and all set to spend the weekend in my sewing room, ignoring the 8 or 10 (or possibly more) inches of snow currently piling up outside.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

oh wowwww, I LOVE this quilt. I've so admired the detail shot in your header. you did an amazing job. Did you piece onto a fabric foundation? Fabulous, lovely, gorgeous. It looks like an antique, using the same methods and variety of fabrics as the quilters did way back when. Any time you are stuck for what pic to post, please post another detail shot - I'd love to see them.

don't envy ya'all the snow. stay warm and safe.

woof nanny said...

Amy of The Calico Cat forwarded this to me, knowing I'd love it. I do. I love the variation of texture and content. Love that it's recycled clothing. Love it so much. I sew with ties--I KNOW how tough it can be. I do sew on a foundation--it's the only way I can keep it straight.
Is it okay if I post this to my neckties blog?