Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bare Walls

We moved into our condo nearly six months ago, but what with my superheavy workload and our other commitments, our walls and floors (that's a whole other post) stayed bare. This place has been one giant echo chamber. A few weeks ago, my poor husband couldn't take it any more, so we carved out a couple of hours and hung four pictures and one quilt. Here's the quilt:

Despite the wavy edges and not-quite-squareness (exaggerated by the perspective of the photo), this is one of my favorite quilts. I feel like I'm looking at the sky through a lattice. It's made of strips from khaki pants, which is a great way to get loads of color variation. The only other way is to hand dye. Yes, it's cotton twill, which is heavy, and one of the reasons I chose the log cabin pattern. The only really lumpy seam allowances are at the joins of the blocks. 

(And yes, we haven't finished the painting at the edge of the ceiling!)

This hasn't made much of a dent in the echos, but it's a start. We're planning to hang two more quilts today, and I have the perfect motivation for making more! Here's the fabric for the next one, waiting for cutting: 
I'm into linen lately. The yellow is yardage that I got on sale for $3 a yard, but the rest of these fabrics are from pants and shirts I got at the St. Vincent de Paul Dig and Save on days when clothes are 50 cents a pound. This is the only way to afford linen quilts!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

What a lovely soft quilt. Can't see any of the wonkiness, just the beauty.I don't envy you the sewing with that twill fabric, but wow, came out great.

Bonnie said...

wowwww!! 50 CENTS A POUND?? I thought I was doing great with $1 a pound for men's cotton shirts! Way to go! I love recycling fabrics into quilts...the way it was done years ago. I love your work!